The aim of the IPPT is to develop performer training in international collegial cooperation. The Platform calls together practitioners, artists, pedagogues and researchers involved in performer training within the institutions of higher education or outside them. The platform provides them with an occasion to share their pedagogical practices in an intimate, questioning and supportive setting. The Platform´s emphasis is on reflection and/or as doing.


The platform aims to take responsibility for and contribute to the development of the performing arts by exploring performer training in higher education and other professional contexts. This is possible only in so far as that the pedagogical practice itself is put under critical examination based on sharing, discussion and research. The autonomy of artistic pedagogy should not be taken for granted but, instead, is always something which has to be interrogated and rediscovered – collectively: dependent on our common efforts to create time, space and opportunities for free reflection and dialogue. In what ways can today’s performer trainers carry and explore this consciousness and related responsibilities together, in a nexus of enquiry and mutual support? How should we as performer trainers react to the economic, political, social, cultural, technological and ecological changes and pressures of our time?

The platform strives to

  • share knowledge, experience and practice between its participants
  • develop their professional skills and understanding
  • offer a context for presenting, testing and discussing new models, methods and devices of training in both a supportive and a critical atmosphere
  • discuss and develop processes of education from an international perspective
  • explore ethical, pedagogical and political issues related to performer training
  • develop modes of communication and cooperation between practitioners and researchers
  • increase international cooperation between teachers/researchers and their institutions
  • discuss academic policies and procedures and their consequences for performing artists’ education

For whom is the platform intended?

Pedagogical institutions (universities, colleges, conservatoires as well as individual institutions dedicated to research) and their representatives within the fields of theatre, dance and performance; professionals working in the fields of performing arts and involved in the pedagogical practice.

The mode of cooperation

IPPT’s main platform will be organized once a year. The organizing institution decides and finds a suitable date. The organizing team consists of the representatives of the previous and the following meeting. Each meeting should have a specific theme and contain workshops and discussions with an emphasis on practice and critical discussion. The meetings will rotate annually from institution to institution.

IPPT aims to keep its events small (maximum 50 face-to-face, with more possibly attending online) in order to facilitate continuing discussion and to enable focused practical investigations. The host institution for each annual event takes financial and logistical responsibility for it, but attendees pay their own travel, subsistence and accommodation in order to keep the preparation process light touch.

IPPT is a nomadic community, agile and responsive, that foregrounds the potential of crossing frontiers and harnessing the positivity of difference!

The Platform gathers in annual meetings organized by participating institutions. The next conference will take place in Chiusi (Italy) from 12th to 15th January 2023.


Under the HOME menu, you can find basic information about the Platform, its rules and participating institutions.

UPCOMING EVENTS gives you all available info on our next meeting. The sidebar reminds you about the most CURRENT issues.

PAST EVENTS contains documentation of the past activities.

Under RELATED INFO you can find announcements of other events, as well as useful links related to performer training.

The COMMENTS is reserved for the messages of the platform participants. The most recent comments are announced in the sidebar. The comments are checked before publishing.

If you are interested in joining the Platform or want to give feedback on the pages, please contact the current administrator of the site, Esa Kirkkopelto (esa.kirkkopelto@uniarts.fi) by clicking CONTACT.


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