At the end of the Helsinki meeting, 11 January 2014, the group agreed on the following principles:

To whom is the platform intended?

The priority is for pedagogical institutions (universities and individual institutions of research) and their representatives (certain kind of financial basis/resources and organisatory basis/capacities are needed, because participating institutions are also potential organizers for platform as well).

We (International Platform for Performer Training) understand performer training within the fields of theatre and dance.

The name

International Platform for Performer Training (IPPT). And each year the town/city where the platform takes place is indicated in the name, for example: Helsinki International Platform for Performer Training or Zürich International Platform for Performer Training.

The modes of cooperation

It seemed that we did agree on that the number of participants (42) in the Helsinki platform was close to maximum. If we want to keep these meetings as collegial expert level meetings, we have to keep them small enough (for example: no parallel sessions). It’s on the charge of the organizing institutions also how they define the scope and how they make the selections.

Platform will be organized once a year. Organizing institution decides and finds a suitable date. The organizing team consists of the representatives of the previous and the following meeting.

The question of financing

The organizing institution takes charge (it would be ideal that the platform is not dependent on additional ”project money”). That is why it’s also important that participants are institutions who have some capabilities of organizing. Organizers are not obliged to offer dinner. If necessary, costs can be shared by small enrolment fees.

The organizing institutions

Zürich University of the Arts (Institute for Performing Arts and Film) will be the next organizing institution (January 2015). The organizing team of the Zürich meeting has members from TeaK and ZHdK.

Other potential organizers of the future meetings are: Gothenburg or Stockholm, Leipzig, Wroclaw (The Grotowski Institute), Ghent, Manchester…


Helsinki Platform presenters send their papers via e-mail (Using the updated mail list). By the end of this spring a common Word Press page will be created by Esa Kirkkopelto (TeaK/Tutke).