Open Call for the IPPT Gothenburg January 17-20, 2019

International Platform for Performer Training
The 6th edition: Gothenburg, 17 – 20 January 2019
Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg


Dramaturgy, society, and the body: the potentials of physical action

The 6th IPPT focuses on the relationship between dramaturgy, society, and the body, as it impacts and is influenced by performer training. Our aim is to highlight connections between the physical actions of the performer and the overall dramaturgical structures of performance, as well as how these relate to contemporary societal issues.

We live in a fluid and fast-changing world where few values and systems seem durable and stable. Questions of migration, polarization, democracy and threat scenarios are increasingly present in public discussion and debate, including on social media. How is our contemporary moment reflected in the performing arts and how do the performing arts influence developments and changes in society? How do we figure the relationship between social structures and the dramaturgies – that is to say narrative/performance structures – that we create and express on stage? What are the implications for performer training?

Changes in the theatre landscape in recent decades have increased the presence and visibility of experimental forms of practice in performance, live art, and physical and immersive theater; these developments in turn have implications for the dramaturgical and narrative structures created in performances and theatrical events. Such dramaturgical frameworks often go under the name of “new dramaturgy.” What is the role of the performing body in these new narratives, and how do they relate to societal changes? How can we come to understand our time and interact socially through our performance practices? In what ways can we develop notions of physical action in these times and how can we create learning environments for these actions to take place?

We welcome proposals for workshops, demonstrations or presentations. We prioritize practical presentations and we aim to bring together a wide range of examples and practices that address these issues.

The timeframe is 40, 60 or 80 minutes including discussion (80-minute sessions are available only for workshops).

There will also be a session with a limited number of 10-minute presentations followed by a joint discussion.

The deadline for proposals is 3 September 2018.

The International Platform for Performer Training is an international network and meeting place for performer trainers and researchers of performer training from various fields of performance, as well as from different countries and institutions of higher education in the arts. Pedagogical practices and critical issues are shared and discussed in a supportive setting.

The annual platform gathering is centered on exchange and joint participation in workshops, presentations and discussions. Therefore, the number of participants is limited.



Proposals for IPPT 2019 should consist of:

Name and affiliation plus short bio note (150 words max).

Proposal for workshop or demonstration (500 words max).

Information on the character of the presentation, including proposed duration.

Technical requirements (electronic equipment, type and size of space, special props, etc.)

Submit your proposal to:

Information about registration, and further details, will follow in the Autumn.


Download the call as PDF here: