Dis/Embodiment in contemporary performance practices

How do contemporary performance practices describe and inscribe the dis/embodiment and corporeality of performers and therefore their training?

International Platform for Performer Training

Fourth edition: Utrecht, 9 – 12th of March 2017

Curated and organized by: School of Theatre and Professorship in Performative Processes, Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU)

A temporary ‘breaking loose’ from theatrical and dance performance practice and training traditions that often inform our current curricula. We will look into performance practices in which bodies at first sight may seem disembodied and we will ask what is at stake.

Can it be that these bodies embody perceptions, thoughts and affects that one cannot yet grasp? Is disembodiment a mode of embodiment or something wholly different?  What is the training of these practices and what is at stake in its politics, ethics and aesthetics?
With the understanding that the embodied narratives of any performer training are describing and inscribing what we think to be our world, how do we choose the one(s) for our school curricula?

A four day conference for artists, researchers, scholars and teachers, affiliated with universities, art schools and centers of performance related research.